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with Colin C. Thompson

Speaker | Life Coach | Guiding Mid-Career Professionals to Improve Mental Fitness and Embracing Harmony in Chaos

Welcome to the realm of Personal and Professional Growth with Colin C. Thompson. With a dynamic approach and deep commitment to transformation, Colin guides individuals and businesses alike on a path towards success in 2024 and beyond.

Through inspiring keynote speeches, thought-provoking coaching sessions, and tailored consulting services, Colin empowers clients to unleash their inner potential. Whether it's overcoming obstacles, setting and achieving goals, or finding balance in a hectic world, Colin's expertise and guidance pave the way for meaningful change.

Keynote Speaker

In each captivating keynote address, Colin skillfully intertwines personal narratives, humor, and interactive elements to create a transformative experience for audiences. With his engaging style, he empowers listeners to unlock their latent potential and embrace their journey towards success.


In coaching sessions, Colin empowers clients through personalized strategies and actionable insights, inspiring them toward their goals with clarity and confidence. With a keen understanding of individual needs, he creates a supportive environment where clients can explore their potential and overcome obstacles.


In workshops, Colin facilitates Positive Intelligence sessions for both personal and corporate clients, offering invaluable insights and practical tools to achieve peak performance and boost happiness. Through interactive exercises, participants learn how to apply Mental Fitness to defeat their Saboteurs and embrace their Sage, unlocking their full potential.

“Colin presented for the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) of Cleveland at our annual World Usability Day event. His presentation was insightful, serious, well delivered, and thought-provoking. I definitely recommend Colin as a speaker and would welcome him back any time!”

Joshua Randal

Joshua Randal

President, UXPA Cleveland

“Colin C. Thompson is a thorough speaker who offered a richness of wisdom combined with a deep knowledge of his material. He imparted a contagious passion for his topic which led to thoughtful conversations for participants. Colin is a memorable speaker who truly over delivered for our conference. As our attendees mainly spoke Chinese, Colin was able to provide his presentation using both written English and Chinese characters.  Due to the nature of his topic, we found his presentation satisfying on many levels – intellectually, humorously, and emotionally. I would highly recommend Colin as a speaker and/or workshop facilitator.”


Lian Feiyang

Organizer, TiD2022 Quality Competitiveness Conference Beijing

“Colin is full of positivity, inspiration, motivation, good advice, a people person and great to surround yourself with. I had the pleasure to work with him many times over the past years. He coached successfully some of my community members, accepted my invitation to speak at my international Excellence Convention and even in the early morning to my community members. I always learn great things from him. Keep it up!.”

Janine Jakob

Janine Jakob

Creator and Organizer,
The Excellence Conference

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