The 50-at-50 Movement

An inspirational quest to do something remarkable with YOU and our global community

Join me on August 11th, as I run 50 miles to celebrate my 50th birthday!!


If you are in Shanghai, China, click HERE or the flyer below, to register for the ’50-at-50 Movement’ Fun Run/Walk, starting on Friday, August 11th, 8pm.  ** If not in Shanghai, or you want to do a different activity, read below to learn more about the global 50-at-50 Movement and how you can join!!

Joining: Jonathan Han, Sean Bloch, Bruce Robinson, Stephanie Jackson, Herman Warren (oh-six!), Kevin Smith, Daryn Flournoy, Kevin Thompson, (big bro!), Muyiwa A., Colin Thompson, Andre Michell, Kizito Pfungwa, Larry Davis Jr., Damon Bryant, Monica Thompson, Hoi Kei Kay (Thompson), Paris Law, Charles Graham, Eric Haguma, Selene Geng, Alex Zhong, Fatima Mallah, Gilbert Owusu-Afriyie, Dexter Webster, Lana Berry, Clemens Padel, Chengye Wang, Aminata BA, Fly Yu
Sample Activities: Running, Walking, Yoga, Push/Sit Ups, Dips, Burpees, Pull Ups, Biking.

50-at-50 Movement Intro Video

1. Click the link below and sign up
2.  Select your GIVING project
3.  Complete your physical activity on or before August 13th!

In 2023, the importance of PHYSICAL and MENTAL FITNESS has never been more evident, and now is the perfect time to take charge of YOUR well-being and do something remarkable by joining the ’50-at-50 Movement’

  • Gain the MENTAL strength to go beyond the limiting beliefs (lies) that you tell yourself.
  • Gather the PHYSICAL strength to push your body to a new limit.
  • Feed your spirit and experience gratitude and fulfillment by GIVING and making an IMPACT to those in need.

    Be part of the global movement and make a lasting positive change in not only YOUR life but also to those in need of YOUR giving.





As an athlete (yes, I am STILL an athlete), I understand the unparalleled joy of conquering physical challenges. The 50-mile run will provide an opportunity to challenge my endurance, build my stamina, and test the boundaries of what I can achieve.

To be honest, some friends and family think I’m crazy for taking on this challenge, while others completely understand why I must.  I am undertaking this extraordinary 50-mile run for a multitude of powerful reasons. First and foremost, I am determined to obliterate my physical and mental limits, proving to myself and others that we are capable of achieving greatness when we set our minds to it.  Regardless of our age.

The truth is, this run celebrates badassness!

Be honest and ask yourself this: as you get older are you feeling more energetic or less? Is your level of fitness rising or dropping? Are physical challenges getting more or less frequent? No matter what your answers are, it’s time to reignite that fire within you!

Most important – you don’t have to run 50 miles. Most exciting – start where you are, do what you wish, 5 trips around the block, 50 flights of stairs, 500 pushups. Most gratifying – the more you participate the more that together, we give.  Of course, you can also run all the miles that you want.

Even better, you can form a team with others to conquer longer and tougher distances.

  • Run 10km, Run 2 x 10km
  • 200 pull-ups within 2 hours
  • 50 burpees
  • 10 pull-ups
  • Run 13 miles on the 13th
  • Completing a Full Yoga Class
  • Complete a half-marathon
  • sign-up and add yours!

Doesn’t it seem like most of the media coverage today, is more about negative attention-grabbing headlines and less about positive and uplifting stories?  This focus on the negative overshadows the positive and uplifting aspects of this planet of ours.  Shouldn’t we do what we can to create and promote stories of inspiration and acts of kindness?

By supporting B1G1, an organization dedicated to creating a world where every transaction generates a positive social and environmental impact, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

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